Transdisciplinary artist.
Born in the early 90s. Aquarius, Libra ascendant.
Described as kind and creative.

Was part of the deceased anonymous collective Sasskou. Collaborated with the artistic cooperative Le Sacre. Is now sometimes chillin' with Les Mêmes-Cacaïstes and Jeunesse Cosmique and other peeps.

Has an interest in human being in their totality (almost), their embodied nature, their complexity and their quests. Trying to devote himself to the daily practice of art; also likes cinema and music and lots of stuff. Takes his time.

Has a B.A. of Communication: Filmmaking - Directing at UQAM. Has a M.A. of Communication: Research-Creation in Experimental Media under Hexagram Network. Works on immersion, perception and the question of ''well-being''. Has a particular interest in cognitive sciences, notions of embodiment and enactivism. Plays often with brainwave sensors, contact-mics and other physiological devices.

Made short films, music videos, performances, sounds and visuals here and there. Is director of programming and development at le Livart, art center, since 2018, where he acts as a kind of curator. Also works as a freelancer. His main instrument is his voice.

Many of his projects, like his first documentary made with a little amount of money Who We Aretoured festivals. Received many awards. Did residencies and got grants. His art went, among other places, to London (Institute of Contemporary Arts), Munich (FSF, filmmuseum), Moscow (VGIK), Morelia (CMMAS, Visiones Sonoras), Osaka (INTAC), Lisbon (DME, Lisboa Incomum), Tehran (RooBeRoo), Vancouver (DOXA), Moncton (RE:FLUX) and Montreal (Eastern Bloc, Cinémathèque Québécoise, Elektra/Mian, RIDM, Printemps Numérique...)... 

Does not hesitate to bring all his passions together or to explore new directions. Maxime is a sensible observer, a volatile thinker and experimenter.

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